Millennials, X-ers and Boomers: Should mission and church growth be generation-based?

David HilbornMillennials, X-ers and Boomers: should mission and church growth be generation-based?
Rev Dr David Hilborn, St John’s School of Mission
Wednesday 18th October, 3pm, Room 3

Much mission and growth strategy draws on ‘generational’ distinction but is that approach biblical?

In this seminar you will:

• Discover how generational distinctions – relatively recent and specific to western culture – should be treated with discernment
• Find out how economic status, race and gender are often of more concern to God than age
• Look at the way people in the west are living longer, making for an ageing population
• Consider how God cares no less for the old than the young
• Discover how recent mission and church growth thinking has recovered the importance of intergenerational Christian life and witness

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