Missionaries before Paul

Michael PennyMissionaries before Paul
Michael Penny, Open Bible Trust
Tuesday 17th October, 2 pm, Room 3

Who started churches in Rome, Spain, Egypt etc? Often we concentrate on Paul and the ‘big’ missionaries, ignoring many unnamed ‘smaller’ missionaries in Acts from whom we can learn so much.

In this seminar you will:

• Understand how Paul addressed various audiences differently and why we need to think individually about every audience before us
• Discover why Peter did not go to any Gentiles other than Cornelius. Are we selective in whom we witness to?
• Find out why Phillip, who seemed to be doing a good job in Samaria needed help from Peter and John. What help do we need?
• Learn more about Stephen’s speech. Where did he go wrong and what can we learn from him?
• Find out more about the people who formed the churches in Rome, Spain and Egypt. Some of the 3,000 saved on the day of Pentecost take the message back to their own cities? We should do likewise

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