School assemblies: Ethos provide new resources for changing agenda


School assemblies: Ethos provide new resources for changing agenda

A recent government report called for assemblies to change from the current legal requirement for a daily ‘act of collective worship’ to a ‘time for reflection’ – but what are the pupils to reflect upon?

CRE exhibitor Ethos Education have launched inviting pupils to reflect on life issues such as identity, purpose, family, respecting those with different traditions and facing difficult choices.

‘But, crucially, each assembly also provides two additional important features with a well-considered rationale,’ explained Ethos founder Nick Pollard. ‘First, by using extracts from popular feature films the assembly grounds those life issues in the pupil’s contemporary culture. Secondly, by including at the heart of each assembly a relevant passage from the Bible, pupils are enabled to reflect for themselves on what it teaches about the life issue.’

Whilst calling for a ‘time for reflection’ the report also calls for what it calls ‘greater religion and belief literacy’.

‘Our response is to provide schools with assemblies that build pupils’ biblical literacy as they explore important life issues,’ said Nick.

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