Through a glass… beautifully!


Through a glass… beautifully!

Taking themes from the Book of Revelation, the new glasswork at St Thomas’ Church, Telford Park, Streatham is part of an ambitious, high quality and sympathetic programme of works at the church.

‘At seven metres tall my glass artwork forms the centrepiece of the redevelopment, filling the chancel arch and separating the worship space from the newly built meeting rooms,’ explained CRE exhibitor Sarah Galloway.

Dominating the east end of the now foreshortened nave, Sarah’s work provides a backdrop to the altar. At first floor level, the glass cleverly forms a wall in the new community room created by infilling the former chancel.

Taking themes from the Book of Revelation, a key motif of the screen is the river of the water of life, nourishing the tree of life, depicted on the left side of the screen. The imagery of light is also represented, whilst the church as part of a larger city is symbolised through the abstract depiction of high rise buildings. These elements are positioned beneath a cross, which is itself at the front and centre of the screen, symbolically standing above all the other components.

‘Created through combining hand-applied colour and deep sandblasting, I worked very closely with West Scott Architects and the church, ensuring that the aspirations for the artwork were met,’ said Sarah.

The Revd Martin Gordan, vicar of St Thomas with St Stephen, said: ‘Sarah has captured a real sense of who we are as a church and created a vibrant piece of contemporary art that will add to the heritage of the local area. At the same time she has made something beautiful that will help many connect with God.’

As well as making work for churches and sacred buildings, Sarah creates contemporary architectural glass for public and private spaces, both inside and out.

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