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No cash? No problem. Tubular Charity Kiosk will debut at CRE National 2019

A church in North London is the first in the UK to trial a ground-breaking donation kiosk – on show at CRE National 2019 (Oct 15-17).

Tubular Systems Ltd have designed and built the kiosk which aims to take churches and charities into the digital era.

‘It’s the 21st Century version of a collection plate and we are very proud of it,’ said Tubular Systems’ Kevin Egglesden. ‘Even in the first few weeks of the trial there has been a positive response at the trialling church in terms of increased giving via Apple and Google Pay.’

The Tubular Charity Kiosk, which can remain accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, not only accepts contactless donations but also credit and debit cards, including chip and swipe – meaning no donation need be missed. It also comes with live telemetry reporting, so donations and power downs can be viewed at any time and anywhere through a PC or mobile phone app.

Designed and built in the UK, the kiosk takes up very little space yet will draw attention through its brightly-lit light box that can feature the church’s logo.

Tubular kiosks include a seven-inch touchscreen with customisable display graphics, personalised for each church. Fabricated from mild steel, the kiosk will stay robust for many years. Elegant and eye-catching, it fits neatly into church buildings or can be moved to fund raising events organised by the church.

‘Installation is super fast as communication is taken care of with its built-in SIM Card and the unit only requires one power socket,’ explained Kevin. ‘You can also customise donation amounts, e.g £5, £10, £20 and £30.

‘We are very proud knowing that a British-designed and manufactured kiosk will soon be helping local churches generate donations for the many excellent activities in which they are involved.’

• Tubular Systems Ltd are on stand B9 at CRE National 2019

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Study Zone at CRE: Deepen your learning, sharpen your skills

The success of the first-ever Study Zone at CRE North in March has prompted two encores – at CRE National 2019 (Sandown Park, Surrey, 15-17 Oct) and CRE Midlands 2020 (Stoneleigh Park, nr Coventry, 4/5 Mar).

A number of stands will be located around a bespoke seminar/presentation area, where participating colleges will contribute a range of carefully-targeted ‘TED’ style talks each day – on subjects concerning study at every level, from short courses to doctorates, summer schools to evening classes, residential or online. Participating colleges will also contribute key speakers to CRE’s main seminar programme.

Rev Dr David Hilborn, principal of Moorlands College, said: ‘The CRE Study Zone is a great reminder that theological colleges are among the most important resources for the church and mission. In our secularised culture it’s more vital than ever that leaders and disciples are thoroughly grounded in God’s Word and effectively equipped for fruitful ministry. I look forward to being part of CRE’s Study Zone again, with friends and colleagues from many different places of learning. Together, we can show thousands of church leaders and members how to deepen learning and sharpen skills.’
Brett Pitchfork, CRE’s event director, said: ‘The Study Zone makes theological learning accessible to thousands of potential students of all ages. With a limited number of stands available at both venues, we urge colleges to book as soon as possible.’

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5-4-3-2-1… Paul and Fiona will get CRE National 2019 under way

Paul Jones and Fiona Hendley will be special guests on the opening day of CRE National 2019 (Wed 15 Oct).

Original lead singer of legendary band Manfred Mann, Paul also presented The Blues Show on BBC Radio 2 each week for more than 30 years.

He and Fiona, a former West End and TV actress, first met while performing at a show in the National Theatre.

‘Our roles meant singing songs to each other and staring into each other’s eyes, proclaiming undying love, twice nightly for two years or so,’ admitted Paul. ‘And the inevitable happened.’

Fiona, an accomplished actress and singer, has worked in all areas of show business from her acclaimed TV series Widows (for which she won Personality of the Year Award) to leading roles at the Royal National Theatre and the Royal Shakespeare Company. She has starred in many West End productions including the highly-praised and award-winning musical City of Angels. She has sung on many show recordings and has a collection of gold discs that rival Paul’s.

Paul came to faith from a background of intellectual arrogance. In 1968, he argued against Billy Graham with Cliff Richard on TV, convinced he had won the argument. Yet all his immense success in show business could not remedy the failure within himself. Fiona sought God from an early age, thinking that she was a Christian, but was surrounded by deception (including spiritualists and mediums). She too hoped that success in show business would bring her happiness.

They will be at CRE National 2019 to relate how each of them found true happiness and real faith.

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End the bend: dishwasher sees the back of aches and pains

Positioned somewhere between a domestic undercounter and a commercial ‘pass-through’, the new Nelson dishwasher has been ergonomically designed to avoid the need for the operator to bend.

Passthrough dishwashers make the washing process in a professional kitchen fast and efficient, especially important during busy periods – but they’re often too expensive for organisations on a limited budget.

‘Back problems are the most common occupational ailment for staff and volunteers working in a church context,’ explains John Nelson, managing director of CRE National 2019 exhibitors Nelson Dish & Glasswashers. ‘The Advantage Plus AD51 Ergo provides an affordable solution for people who may not need to invest in a pass-through but who want a comfortable means of loading and unloading a dishwasher.’

Highly specified, and energy and water efficient, the Ergo lends itself to forming part of a dishwashing system with appropriate tabling and shelving – something usually only possible with a passthrough machine. It also features a useful base cupboard for storing baskets and chemicals.

* Nelson Dish & Glasswashers are on stand S105 at CRE National 2019

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‘Veira the Voice’ returns to Sandown Park

As much at home singing opera at Glyndebourne as gospel at Godalming Baptist, Jonathan Veira’s considerable vocal and comic talents make him a hugely popular performer.

He has performed across the globe in a variety of roles and musical styles from Mozart to John Adams. In addition to operatic roles, Jonathan regularly broadcasts on BBC radio and TV, has recorded numerous CDs (his latest being the Hymns Project) and performed in TV programmes across many genres.

‘It will be great to return to CRE National 2019 with my old friend Cindy Kent MBE (who will host Cindy’s Bar),’ said Jonathan. ‘I look forward to performing a short programme of what I can offer to the modern church – and renewing many friendships.’

Jonathan will be a guest on Cindy’s Sofa at lunchtime on Wed 16 Oct, before performing at 3pm on the same afternoon. His books and CDs will also be available.

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From no fixed abode to pastures of plenty

Ending homelessness is Green Pastures’ big vision – and your church can be part of it.

That will be the message to CRE National 2019 from Pastor Pete Cunningham, Vicki Woodley and Andy Cunningham, members of a local church in Southport, who raised their own funds and purchased two flats in 1997.

‘We housed a couple with a child living in a garage, along with a single mum and child living in a derelict caravan,’ explained Pastor Pete. ‘The rest is history. We are now housing more than 1000 customers across the UK and the Lord is growing our ministry every year.’

Pastor Pete pastored several churches before taking on the small congregation in Southport in 1993.

‘At first, we provided temporary accommodation in our church building, for homeless individuals and families,’ said Pete. ‘We used our fellowship room, a converted garage and church cellar, making them as pleasant as possible. But the local environmental health department informed us we were contravening the law.’

He maintains that the years since have been some of the most wonderful they have experienced in the service of God.

‘Our first resident, a single mother aged 21, had been living in one room with her baby,’ he recalled. ‘What a joy it was to help her and fulfil God’s word. It appeared to us that the 21st Century church was not so eager to help the poor as the one we read about in the 1st Century.’

Today, Green Pastures have partners all over the UK, housing hundreds of formerly homeless people.

‘We have seen some amazing changes in people because they have a key to their own home,’ said Pete. ‘Alcoholics are free from alcohol addiction. Drug addicts are free from drug addiction. Unemployed young people with life skills problems are now working. Most wonderful of all is the number of people who have come to Christ, not through our preaching of the Gospel, but by our doing the Gospel.

‘We dream of every church in the UK having at least one house to house the homeless. That would mean an additional 100,000 people would be housed and cared for. We’ll be at CRE National 2019 and CRE Midlands 2020, showing local church leaders and members how they can join us in this exciting initiative.’

• Green Pastures will be on stand S110 at CRE National 2019

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All kinds of everything

At the opening of CRE North in Manchester, ‘a 50-strong children’s choir delighted former Eurovision winner Dana with a re-run of her winning song, All Kinds of Everything – but with different lyrics.’ So begins a report on the two-day CRE exhibition in March this year in Northern Life magazine.

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