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Dave HallByDave Hall

Introducing a grand way to improve your church communications

Every church in the UK should be equipped with great communications tools – and a new award scheme has been launched with deserving churches receiving up to £1000 to make it happen.

CPO chief executive Laura Trenee believes churches have a world-changing message of hope – but often fail to deliver it effectively.

‘Our vision is to see every church in the UK equipped with great communications tools,’ she said. ‘We understand the limitations of budget and time and are delighted that our Church Comms Improvement Project will offer support to those who need it.’

Anyone can nominate a church for support here. All that is needed is the name of the church, its address and a photograph or web address to demonstrate why it needs help.

Awards are to the value of between £50 and £1000, in the form of fully-funded resources and support, depending on the need – such as a new or redesigned website, a brand identity, a set of invitations or posters or even a new noticeboard. The deadline for nominations is 5pm on Mon 1st July.

CPO is a registered charity, and has received seed money for the fund. Donations to enable the project to continue can be made at, to ensure a sustainable fund for churches that most need help in design and communications.

Based in Worthing, CPO has been working to support the UK church in its communication for more than 60 years.

• CPO are on stand S81 at CRE National 2019

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Dave HallByDave Hall

‘Three-in-one’ Bethlehem bauble is back

Hand-blown by Muslims, hand-painted by Christians, shipped by Israelis – the ‘three-in-one’ Bethlehem Bauble is returning to CRE National 2019.

Each bauble arrives on a bed of straw in its own presentation box along with a certificate of origin. No plastic is used – and it’s made from recycled materials!

Founded by Ros Pollock whilst posted to Jerusalem with the UN, Bethlehem Baubles aims to provide a grass roots, fair living wage to a struggling community.

‘Christmas should be about giving something special to the ones we love and connecting with the things that really matter,’ said Ros. ‘In an age of mass production and commercialisation, Bethlehem Baubles offers you the chance to return to these simple origins and renew the authentic spirit of the season. We’ve paired up with Bethlehem Fair Trade Artisans (BFTA) who work closely with Muslim and Christian communities at an individual level in order to produce a unique gift with a direct and meaningful impact. Together we can make a difference for these skilled artisans.’

With a unique design for the collection each year, Ros believes Bethlehem Baubles have the potential to become an intrinsic and abiding part of the Christmas experience – perfect for stocking fillers and ‘that tricky relative who you never know what to get.’

• Bethlehem Baubles are on stand S102 at CRE National 2019

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Photo: Eleanor Bentall

Dave HallByDave Hall

New woodland centre sustains legacy of Watchman Nee

A new Christian conference and training centre, inspired by the works of classic authors Watchman Nee and Witness Lee, is under construction in outer London.

The Amana Trust, owners of a centre near Romford and a bookshop in central London for many years, have purchased a 17-acre woodland site within the M25 and 10 minutes from the Central line tube station. Easily accessible but removed from the busyness of London, the centre will be available for groups of up to 300 people in stylish wooden cabins, most with ensuite bedrooms and several with meeting spaces.

Watchman Nee’s classics include The Normal Christian Life and The Spiritual Man. In addition, the complete works of Watchman Nee comprises a mostly unknown 62 volumes. More than 15,000 pages of Watchman Nee’s ministry was continued by his closest co-worker, Witness Lee, whose ministry was even more extensive.

The Amana Trust endeavours to help believers grow in the Christian faith, both personally and in groups. Their events include weekend retreats, week-long training and a two-year full-time residential course.

• The Amana Trust are on stands S51 and S52 at CRE National 2019

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