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Dave HallByDave Hall

CRE South West at Westpoint, Exeter: new dates 23-24 Feb 2022

With a ban on large public gatherings in place for the foreseeable future, the organisers of CRE South West have postponed the exhibition until early next year (23-24 Feb 2022).

‘With the impressive roll out of the vaccination programme, things are certainly looking more hopeful for us all,’ said exhibition owner Steve Goddard. ‘However, we think it will be a while yet before large-scale indoor events will be sanctioned. With this in mind, we thought it best to make an early decision to postpone CRE South West until 2022, to ensure the event has the best possible chance of being successful.’

Jeff Lucas
Jeff Lucas

Finding purpose in life’s second choices is the timely theme of a new book by Jeff Lucas (pictured), a much-loved Bible teacher and author, who will open CRE National (12-14 Oct 2021, Sandown Park, Surrey). Jeff will introduce visitors to the biblical story of Daniel and friends, deported and forced into a form of lockdown. 

‘There are so many lessons we can learn from their experiences,’ said Jeff. ‘In fact, much of the Bible is written from lockdown, whether it’s Daniel and his friends, Joseph, Esther or the apostle Paul. Their stories show us how to thrive rather than just survive.’ See a short introductory video from Jeff here.

‘With more than 70 per cent of the floor space already sold at Sandown Park, we look forward to an event where, together, we celebrate the first steps on the long road back to normality,’ said Goddard. ‘While the internet has been a lifeline over the past 12 months, people still want to meet the person behind the product – because face to face beats mouse to mouse. Every time. In fact, nothing beats trying it on, tasting it, sitting on it, hearing it, discussing it and comparing it. Nothing beats CRE!’

The Association of Exhibition Organisers has worked closely with the Government to suggest timely best practice in light of Covid-19. With this in mind, new measures at CRE may include foot pedal-activated hand sanitisers, decontaminating spray, protective screens at visitor registration, messaging reminders, one-way systems and socially-distanced seminar rooms, toilets and breakout areas.

‘Who would have thought all this would be necessary 12 months ago?’ said Goddard. ‘But we are grateful to friends who have prayed for and joined us on an unexpected journey. Our prayer is that, as we look back, we will see how a greater good has come from these extraordinary days – and that being prepared to make the best of second choices made all the difference.’

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