App happy Joanne creates God for Kids

ByDave Hall

App happy Joanne creates God for Kids

When Joanne Gilchrist’s three daughters were growing up she created activity-based devotions to do with them at bedtime – and the end result is God for Kids, a brand new app for families everywhere.

‘I tested my ideas using paper, colouring pens, questions, puzzles and pictures – and added a big dose of fun,’ explained Joanne, from Sheffield. ‘The girls really enjoyed learning about God in this way.’

Her ideas were so successful she created the free app that involves children and parents in all sorts of adventures, in places like deserts and outer space. They learn more about God’s attributes as they go along.

‘At first I thought of writing a book,’ she explained, ‘but an app is far more appropriate these days. It can be used by a family or the children alone, but each session has a question for youngsters to ask a parent so they are involved in some way. God for Kids was also created so parents themselves learn basic things about God.’

Joanne has now begun to produce small books to accompany the course.

‘These take a bigger view and go a little deeper into exploring questions children ask,’ she said. Her daughters are now 13, 11 and four and the older two help create the various stories with voice-over parts.

Joanne was also sparked into action when helping on an Alpha Course where she found parents perplexed by questions their children were asking. The app and other material she produces aim to help in all these situations.

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