Bolton beware! Rev Hilary’s on the round up

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Bolton beware! Rev Hilary’s on the round up

Rev Hilary HowarthA Methodist minister wants to take dozens of church members to CRE North – to celebrate her first five years in office.

Rev Hilary Howarth (pictured) of the Triangle Community Methodist Church, Bolton, visited the last CRE at Event City five years ago.

‘It was so brilliant I know it can make a lot of difference to church life,’ she said. ‘Our departmental leaders and helpers will get fresh ideas. We are working on our vision for the next five years and the resources on show at CRE will be a real inspiration.’

A local preacher for many years, Hilary became a minister in 2002 and served in Chorley and Northwick and Winsford circuits before returning to her roots in Bolton to lead The Triangle Community – three fellowships that came together to form a new church.

When CRE opens on March 13, Hilary wants to be there with at least 50 people – ‘so we can share together as a group and get even more out of it.’ The first day of the exhibition appeals to her because it will be open until 8pm – giving some people time to attend for a few hours after finishing work.

‘I’m passionate about growing healthy churches where Christ is central to our faith,’ she said, ‘and our love for him is expressed in relationships we share not only with those in the church family but within our communities and wider world.’

As a supporter of Bolton Wanderers FC, she may also spend a little time visiting Christians in Sport, Ambassadors Football, Sports Chaplaincy UK and the C of E Ministry of Sport.

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