Church buildings: Facebook cure for the FAQs blues

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Church buildings: Facebook cure for the FAQs blues

A Facebook group has been set up to help church leaders and officials get extra help and advice from experts when undergoing work on their buildings.

‘We want to offer help and advice to anyone undertaking a church building project from others who have “been there and done that”,’ said Nigel Walter (pictured centre), leader of the project.

Nigel, a specialist conservation architect both in architectural practice and research, is the founding director of Archangel Architects in Cambridge. They will exhibit at CRE National 2021 under Church Build. He explained that in discussions with churches considering building projects, the same questions, the ‘FAQs’, arise time and again. 

‘In response to this need we developed Church Build – a website which is home to a series of resources that encourage churches to engage critically and creatively with their buildings,’ he said. ‘Our aim is to build the church in the widest sense – sometimes that involves buildings, sometimes it doesn’t. For any individual church it is critical to know the difference.

‘That is now being extended to a Facebook group where you can discuss common challenges and get support from experts in their field alongside inspiration, case studies and practical project planning resources. So many churches have Facebook pages and enjoy linking with other organisations that we thought a link would be a huge asset to them.

‘There is no compulsion to be with any company. It is a free service enabling church leaders to get the most out of the immense responsibility involved in a major building project. This site has grown out of the belief that your church building has a significant impact on the life of your church, and that your building should fit well with your ministry. Our aim is to equip you to make better use of your buildings for the glory of God.’

Nigel and Jim Hammett, a Christian project management consultant will speak on ‘Church Buildings – how to make them happen!’ at CRE National (12pm, Tue 12 Oct). You can book a personal appointment with Nigel at CRE here.

• Church Build are on stand A75 at CRE National 2021

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