Communicating with young people in a digital age

Phil KnoxCommunicating with young people in a digital age
Phil Knox, Evangelical Alliance
Thursday 18 October, 12 noon, EA Room

The digital revolution means extreme changes to the way we live, relate and communicate. How do we speak life and hope to a new generation in a language they understand?

In this seminar you will:

• Consider how the digital revolution involves a revolution of information, attention and relationship

• Reflect on how young people’s brains are wired differently and how we must adapt our communication style accordingly

• Consider how to use more stories, images, poetry and art to communicate the gospel well

• Understand how social media is the new marketplace for the exchange of ideas and ways in which we must use it well to win attention

• Be encouraged that the church has an incredibly bright future if we can engage well in this area – and that we should be full of ideas and hope

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