What ARE they doing down there? A God’s eye view of the world

Paul KerensaWhat ARE they doing down there? A God’s eye view of the world
Paul Kerensa
Tuesday 16 October, 2pm, Room 1

Festive historian and comic Paul Kerensa sleigh-rides through musical Christmas past, based on his bestseller Hark! The Biography of Christmas, and What ARE they doing down there? In this, his latest book from BRF, Paul shines a light on the bits of life when we were glad no one was looking – except, well, God.

In this seminar you will:

• Derive a bit more knowlege about how we got the Christmas we’ve got, from the earliest carol we know to the ironic origins of ‘Mistletoe & Wine’

• Be entertained by a semi-show-meets-talk including music, trivia and the odd joke

• Get a warm festive glow as if you’ve just had some mulled wine (you won’t have – it’s not available)

• From the minutiae of everyday life to the history of the universe, from love, relationships and family to church, community and society at large, enjoy Paul’s kindly but searching glance at the familiar to cheer even the dullest day

• Walk away happy after a sing-song with words on the screen. Caveat: you’ll have to pronounce Latin amongst the English

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