Inspiring and equipping every young person to share their faith

“PhilInspiring and equipping every young person to share their faith
Phil Knox, Evangelical Alliance
Thursday 18 October, 3pm, EA Room

Young people should be our greatest evangelists. How can we encourage and help the most connected generation in history reach out to their friends in an authentic and relevant way?

In this seminar you will:

• Reflect on the fact that sharing faith is about stories and relationships

• Consider how knowing God’s story well helps us share the good news with relevance

• Gain insight about the fact that knowing our story well helps us communicate the authentic difference faith makes to us

• Discuss the notion that Christians should be the best friends in the world and that the better relationships we have, the better the gospel will spread

• Walk away inspired that sharing faith begins with committing to regular prayer for a list of close friends

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