Discover the café with your dreams on the menu

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Discover the café with your dreams on the menu

We all have dreams but do they ever have spiritual significance? One CRE Midlands exhibitor will help you find out.

Spirit Cafe in Birmingham has opened twice a month for almost six years. Visitors are welcomed, shown to a table and given a menu – but the items listed are not food but things that meet the need of spirit, soul and body. 

‘It is a church-based evangelism model I believe the Lord gave us,’ said founder and pastor Lori Arnott Lawlor. ‘It inspires Christians to actively win the lost, heal the sick and in normal language, share Jesus with other people.’

Each item on the menu offers a ‘free treatment’. People needing direction, healing and peace are put in touch with members of the treatment team who have been trained and continue to develop spiritual giftings.

As for those dreams – you will be encouraged to consider the time of day, colours that stood out, any person, place or thing that seemed ‘important’ and if the dream is recurring.

‘As always we rely on the Holy Spirit as our source,’ said Lori.

The church-come-cafe exhibited at the NEC Wellness Fair in Birmingham last November and Lori recounts how, of the 975 people who accepted an invitation to sit down for a coffee, more than 450 found it led to a life-changing encounter with God.

There are now more than 40 Spirit Cafes in different parts of the world including Canada, USA, Ukraine, Germany and Russia. Lori came to England from her Canadian home in 2000 ‘to make room for God in my life’ – and Spirit Cafe is the result.

At CRE Midlands the Spirit Cafe team will be available to explain their ministry and offer helpful advice to those who might take up the challenge of a similar project in their own communities.

• Spirit Café are on stand P59a at CRE Midlands 2020

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