Idolatry: time to expose today’s false gods

Dave HallByDave Hall

Idolatry: time to expose today’s false gods

How should Christians be faithful disciples in the current political turbulence?

It’s a question at the heart of a new book that combines exegesis with practical discipleship. Written by Christopher J H Wright, an esteemed Old Testament scholar, Here Are Your Gods! (IVP) calls readers to consider connections between ancient idolatry and today’s culture that leans further and further into the worship of our leaders.

He also sounds a warning about the approach of many Christians to politics.

‘There is still a curious imagination, flying in the face of the Bible’s insistence that there is only one Saviour and Lord on the throne of the universe, that the best way for Christians to save the world would be for Christians to rule the world, or at least, that part of the world we might have some realistic hope of ruling over by having Christians in the seats of government,’ he said. ‘In fact,we desperately need to name and expose the false gods and idols we are tempted to bow down to – and find our stand in these turbulent times.’

An international ministries director of the Langham Partnership International, Wright previously taught at Union Biblical Seminary in India, and acted as academic dean and then principal of All Nations Christian College.

‘Wright’s careful dive into Scripture on the meaning of idolatry packs a punch for our times and provides an important reminder that idols, including political idols, are false gods that we create in our image,’ said John Inazu, professor of law and religion at Washington University in St. Louis, USA.

‘The biblical warning to “keep yourselves from idols” hones in on the source of spiritual, social, moral and existential ruin,’ said Paul Copan of Palm Beach Atlantic University. ‘Wright’s fine study on idolatry, and his application of it to our Western world, helps us see more clearly what is at stake.’

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