Introducing the positive Halloween treat that’s right on the button

Dave HallByDave Hall

Introducing the positive Halloween treat that’s right on the button

The 2018 Meaningful Treat Pack will be available at CRE, with the eve of All Saints – or Halloween – in mind.

Building on the success of last year’s initiative, the pack has a new challenge activity poster to help young people focus on being a hero and a light in the world. There is also a bag of Swiss Fairtrade milk chocolate buttons in every pack.

‘At £1 a head and with all new content, the pack is suitable for light parties, outreach events, schools, or for children who trick or treat on 31st October,’ says Meaningful Chocolate founder David Marshall. ‘Each case of 30 packs includes a leader’s guide with ideas. There is also a national competition asking children to nominate their leading lights.’

The activity poster, which can be used in groups or at home, has eight challenges which include picture puzzles, a word search, a call to buy Fairtrade, say a prayer and leading light competition with a prize.

‘It also challenges children to give a treat to someone less well off by donating to a children’s charity,’ says David, ‘while encouraging the journey of faith – taking a similar approach to our Real Easter Eggs and Real Advent Calendars.’

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