Making a difference, one bauble at a time

Dave HallByDave Hall

Making a difference, one bauble at a time

Hand-blown by Muslims, hand-painted by Christians, shipped by Israelis – the 2020 Bethlehem Bauble will soon be appearing on a Christmas tree near you!

Each bauble arrives on a bed of straw in its own presentation box along with a certificate of origin. No plastic is used – and it’s made from recycled materials. Founded by Ros Pollock whilst posted to Jerusalem with the UN, Bethlehem Baubles aims to provide a grass roots, fair living wage to a struggling community.

Ros Pollock

‘The craftspeople working in the glass-blowing company were producing wonderful, delicate items but I had to convince them to make baubles which would bring a beautiful decorative Holy Land touch to any home,’ Ros explained.

Her enthusiasm won the day and with a different design for the collection each year, Bethlehem Baubles have the potential to become an abiding part of the Christmas experience – a perfect stocking filler and something unusual that tricky relative who is always difficult to buy for!

‘Christmas should be about giving something special to the ones we love and connecting with the things that really matter,’ said Ros. ‘In an age of mass production and commercialisation, Bethlehem Baubles offers you the chance to return to these simple origins and renew the authentic spirit of the season. We’ve paired up with Bethlehem Fair Trade Artisans (BFTA) who work closely with Muslim and Christian communities at an individual level in order to produce a unique gift with a direct and meaningful impact. Together we can make a difference for these skilled artisans.’

The baubles now sell in many renowned shops around the UK including many cathedral and church shops including Lambeth Palace and St. Pauls, and a host of gift shops and garden centres who have all embraced a project that encourages a genuine celebration of Christmas.

‘Our goal is to take Bethlehem Baubles around the world,’ said Ros. ‘The more we sell the more jobs we create, so we would love to find new customers. People are growing weary of putting cheap bling on their Christmas trees and want to celebrate in a more authentic way. By investing in something truly meaningful they can renew the spirit of Christmas each year – one bauble at a time.’

Click here for Bethlehem Baubles’ 2020 edition, available in dark blue, silver and turquoise at £13 + shipping. Also available are limited edition trio boxes – three beautiful baubles in a handmade wooden box that makes an original and thoughtful gift. Available for £32 + shipping.

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