Nothing beats sitting on it, wearing it, tasting it…


Nothing beats sitting on it, wearing it, tasting it…

Offering a host of new ideas and initiatives in a fast-changing world, CRE returns to Sandown Park in the Autumn (17 to 19 October 2017).

‘While we discover products and services online, discerning customers will always want to try before they buy, meet the person behind the product, the man behind the mission,’ said event director Brett Pitchfork. ‘Put simply, nothing beats sitting on it, wearing it, listening to it, tasting it – and comparing it to other options. You can only do all of that, under one roof, at CRE.

‘We are putting together an exhibition which builds on the quality and experience of the past, yet presents fresh ideas, products and suppliers to local church leaders and members.’

Among new features at CRE 2017 are:

Museum of the Bible – an innovative, global, educational feature inviting us to engage with the history, narrative and impact of the Bible

The Compassion Experience – a unique, interactive trailer presenting the lives of two real children living in abject poverty

Messy Church – a conference for everyone connected with this highly-successful initiative, from seasoned campaigners to start ups

A keynote speaker at CRE will be George Verwer, who founded and led Operation Mobilisation for more than 40 years. ‘It’s a great time in history for the Church,’ he said, ‘and I’ll be at CRE to tell visitors what is God doing through the Church, around the world.’

Rev Cindy Kent MBE returns to host Cindy’s Sofa, her popular lunchtime chat show featuring music, drama and a range of special guests. UCB Radio will broadcast live from the show floor.

‘CRE is a place to build and develop important relationships with local church leaders and provide solutions as they reach out to their communities,’ said Andy Moreman, CEO of CPO. ‘We look forward meeting members of hundreds of churches in October.’

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