Pop goes the pupil

ByDave Hall

Pop goes the pupil

The lockdown has proved a mixed blessing to the founders of a popular school resource.

Miz Porter, creator of iSingPOP, said: ‘The crisis has been really bad because children have not been allowed to sing in school but good because we have developed a whole new area of ministry using YouTube and visual resources.’ 

Founded 15 years ago, the organisation has been reaching 90,000 children a week thanks to a classroom worship programme. Resources are provided to help children and families engage in collective worship whether in school, church or at home. The vision for the project came when Miz, 48, was taking a band into schools to lead singing and discovered the children wanted to be the band. 

‘I realised they need to be involved in every aspect of the programme,’ she recalled. ‘That is the skill which our team of enthusiastic leaders have developed over the years.’

Classroom Worship from iSingPOP unites the whole school in collective worship, even if the children are in smaller bubbles or learning from home. The one-a-week, 20-minute session involves almost no advance preparation and can be lined up with Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. Each session includes an animated Bible story, time to reflect on the theme, a prayer activity and a dance routine to learn and practice – and the Lord’s Prayer.

It is even possible for a school or church to put on a special concert after three days of learning some catchy, fun-filled pop songs – each one based on an important Christian value. The concert can be performed live in the local community or church with all the equipment provided. The school will also get a set of teaching videos so the children continue singing and learning.

iSingPOP is Innervation Trust’s (a UK based charity) primary and secondary school singing, performing and resourcing project. 

‘We work with church and community schools right across the country, however we have an official partnership with the Church of England,’ said Miz. As one youngster told them in an email after a school visit: ‘Hello I’m a fan. I’m a student and I learn from this so much I feel like I’m connecting to God and Jesus.’

iSingPOP will be in action at CRE National 2021 (3pm, Tue 12 Oct) and aim to ‘take years off your age’ at their interactive workshop!

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