The power of prayer: how Ignatius is proving infectious


The power of prayer: how Ignatius is proving infectious

A prayer technique developed by a 16th century Spanish priest is reaching people who wouldn’t dream of darkening a church’s door.

In what began as a small experiment by Methodist minister Rev Clive McKie, Ignatian prayer is being accessed online in more than 46 countries on six continents, through CRE 2018 exhibitor Taketime meditation.   

‘Christians are finding a fresh breeze gently blowing through their faith,’ said Clive, currently minister of Reigate Methodist Church in Surrey, ‘but what is more striking is how the technique is welcomed by agnostics, atheists and those who have wondered about faith but found church too daunting.’ 

The trickle-down effect is that people are experiencing God’s love and encountering Christ – their changed lives affecting others with a slow but steady movement for good. 

Clive is now training churches of all denominations to run local Taketime Together groups, accessible to all – especially those with no church background.  You can find out how on the Taketime stand at CRE 2018.

‘It is an invisible, community venture,’ said Clive, ‘with no big event, no bunting, no fanfare… just God’s word quietly going out into the world and transforming it.’

Taketime are on stand S149 at CRE 2018

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