Rachel and team consider ‘revival’ among young people


Rachel and team consider ‘revival’ among young people

TED-style talks on school missions, worship for all ages and intentional discipleship are among a host of subjects covered in the Youth Zone at CRE2017.

Open all day for three days, the zone will feature a range of speakers including:

Rachel Gardner (pictured above), Relationships Lead at Youthscape and president of the Girls Brigade, who will share from her long experience in engaging with young people in tough-to-talk-about topics.

Jamie Sewell of Message Trust, who will outline his work with young people in mission. Jamie has many years’ experience as a youth pastor and is developing the trust’s mission teams, reaching and discipling young people.

Laura Hancock of Youth for Christ, who will explore current youth culture in relation to the local church.

CRE’s Youth Zone comes at a time when new figures show one young person in six self identifies as a practising Christian. The statistics show that 13 per cent of 11 to 18-year-olds say they are regular churchgoers and more than one in five (21 per cent) describe themselves as active followers of Jesus.

The study, commissioned by the HOPE Revolution partnership and carried out by ComRes, suggests that a commitment to Christianity is much higher among young people than previously thought. Another study, Youth for Christ’s Gen Z: Rethinking Culture research, showed similar results, suggesting that a surprisingly high number of young people still describe themselves as Christian.

‘We will look in depth at the results of our survey and take time to explore what it means for local churches in their attempts to engage with current youth culture,’ said YFC’s Laura Hancock, who will also lead the zone. ‘We will consider how best to take the good news of Jesus to a fresh generation of young people.’

Youth Zone exhibitors include:

Bible Education Services
The Treasure Box People
Discover Archery
Pulse Ministries
Hope Now
Youth For Christ

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