The commissions of Christ

Michael PennyThe commissions of Christ
Michael Penny, Open Bible Trust
Wednesday 16 October 2pm, Room 1

How many ‘commissions’ did Christ give? How many came before the ‘Great Commission’ and were they cancelled? And what about those given afterwards? Did they supercede or modify the Great Commission?

In this seminar you will:

• Learn how the Apostles followed the Great Commission

• Reflect on how the Apostles carried out the Great Commission soon after the Lord’s ascension and on our essential understanding of the commission

• Learn how the period following Christ’s resurrection was dynamic, different and ever changing

• Reflect on the place of the Gentiles who were not subjected to the Law of Moses (Acts 15:5-21)

• Walk away with free copies of the seminar on CD, available from the Open Bible Trust on Stand S91

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