Showing you care when you can’t be there

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Showing you care when you can’t be there

Churches can sustain relationships in lockdown with fresh resources available to help in funeral, wedding and baptismal ministry. 

‘The idea is to enable people in isolation to be part of funeral services they can’t attend, for example, because of restrictions on numbers and travel,’ said Cathy Myers, the C of E’s Life Events Resources Manager.

The new range includes:

• A prayer card for when you can’t be at a funeral

• A simple service to say at home on the day of a funeral – soon to be available in large print, too. 

• Social media-sized graphics and posters to alert people to a ‘Light A Candle’ tool online.

Also available is a range attractive cards to send to colleagues in the death care industry – to reassure them of your prayers during a very stressful time.

‘Our latest product is a straightforward, cheerful postcard to share with Messy Church contacts, grandparents in your congregation, families you have met through baptisms or school services,’ said Cathy. ‘The postcard reads “Loving God, bless my family today” and is a reminder that God holds their family in his love, especially when extended families can’t be together.’

The full range can be viewed here

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