Millennial leaders’ survey


For our churches to survive and thrive, Christian millennials in leadership need to be understood, encouraged and resourced. An exhaustive survey on their specific views and needs will be unveiled for the first time at CRE 2018 by Simon Barrington of Forge Leadership Consultancy, in association with Bible Society and Redcliffe College.

The research looks at millennials’ views on integrity, authenticity, self-awareness, spirituality, the church, and the Bible – and is of special importance with churches facing the strong possibility of a shortage of experienced and effective leaders in the next decade or so.

Millennials in leadership: A major survey
Tuesday 16 October, 3pm

Simon Barrington, Forge Leadership Consultancy

Millennials in leadership: A major survey

Wednesday 17 October, 3pm
Tim Davy, Redcliffe College

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