Struggling for music? We’re at your (streamed) service

Dave HallByDave Hall

Struggling for music? We’re at your (streamed) service

A live music option is now available for churches streaming services during lockdown.

Well-established agency Ministry of Music are making musicians available to lead worship in a variety of ways.

‘One of our artists can perform or lead worship live at home and their feed is streamed by a church as part of its YouTube/ Facebook/ Zoom service or event,’ explained the agency’s founder Mike Maidment.

‘Alternatively, they will prepare a short video at home which churches can stream, or perform and lead worship live at home on their own YouTube Live or Facebook Live session – at a date and time requested by an event host.’

Artists available include many who have recently performed at CRE including Christine Asamoah and Tremaine. Already fellow artist Bean Baker (pictured above) has led worship through Zoom at Havering Day of Prayer and Solid Rock, Derby. 

‘Although this service is free, any donation will support our ministry and the artists we work with during these challenging times,’ said Mike.

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