Three score years – and then? Afterworknet plan major series of seminars at CRE

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Three score years – and then? Afterworknet plan major series of seminars at CRE

Everything we hear about old age is negative – but God deliberately created it.

So says Louise Morse of Pilgrim Friends’ Society, exhibitors at CRE National 2019.

‘Old age is wrongly seen as something to be feared and fought against,’ explains Louise on Afterworknet’s website. ‘So I’m never surprised, when speaking to a large group of Christians, to find some are not convinced. However the majority, when they see the truth in Scripture, are delighted. When God created the universe, he set in motion times and seasons and the ageing process. When you realise the purpose God has in mind, you see how wonderful growing older is meant to be. It’s a reward and a blessing.’

The peak of the culture of Scriptural times was wisdom, and because it’s acquired with experience and age, older people were respected. By contrast, in our culture, the peak of attainment is youth.

‘There is no “use-before” date in 2 Ephesians 10, where God makes clear he has equipped us for the good works that he has already planned for us,’ continues Louise. ‘God spends our whole lives honing us to develop the character that will bless others – being reflective, less impulsive, able to take the long view, with emotional balance and empathy, compassion and listening skills. So much more could be done to see older people released into God’s purposes if this same message was espoused in our churches.’

Afterworknet will run a series of seminars and presentations throughout all three days of CRE National 2019.

• Afterworknet are on stand S155 at CRE National 2019
• Pilgrim Friends’ Society are on stand S53 at CRE National 2019

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