Time to look after your three congregations

Dave HallByDave Hall

Time to look after your three congregations

Churches must go on broadcasting services online after lockdown – even if it means servicing several congregations.

So says Derek Clare, who formed New Day Audio Visual Specialists more than 20 years ago. Derek, 65, who gives advice and professional help to all churches seeking AV help, thinks that many now reach three distinct groups.

‘Firstly, there are those in the church building,’ he suggests. ‘Another group feel unable to return but may well do so in the future. The final “congregation” are people not previously reached but who tune into services online.’

Streaming services also provides a link for members of the local congregation unable to attend through illness or family commitments. 

‘Covid-19 pandemic has been a disaster for the world but created the biggest opportunity ever for presenting the gospel,’ believes Derek, who met his wife 21 years ago and was married six weeks later. Together they formed New Day company six weeks after that!

‘The pastor of one church into which we installed streaming equipment has a building which does not hold much more than 30 people,’ he explains. ‘But the services he is streaming are watched by people on up to 15,000 computers in Iran each week – probably with more than one person watching on each. And there are 600 people or so watching locally. I have always had a passion for using technology to further the gospel. During these uncertain times being online has been of even greater importance.’

The setting up of such systems is not difficult, he points out.

‘We have a range of solutions from a single camera which will stream directly to Facebook, YouTubeLive and other platforms, to multi-camera setups. We help with legal questions and allay concerns congregations may have about live video.’

And he promises: ‘With our expertise and support we will get you online fulfilling Mark 16:15: “Then Jesus said to them, you must now proclaim the good news to the whole world, to all creation.”’

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