Turning ‘scary’ evangelism on its head

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Turning ‘scary’ evangelism on its head

A major video-based training course, designed to envision and equip Christians to share their faith naturally, will be available at CRE Midlands 2020.

The initiative goes back to 2007 when Tim Moyler (pictured) ran a version of a Living & Telling course developed first by David Wilson of Agapé UK.

‘I was hearing story after story of young people going to university and falling away from faith,’ said Tim. ‘I was passionate that this wouldn’t happen to my own kids and other young people in the church. I adapted the course for school leavers. It was just a small group but one of them is now in the leadership team of a church plant in Exeter, another leading a national movement amongst students in the UK.’ 

In the autumn of 2008, Tim, who lives in Woodbury in Devon, connected with Dave Pegg and together they ran Living & Telling in Exeter. Although pitched at primarily college and university students, it has always attracted people of all ages and is now aimed at churches and groups who are looking to equip Christians to become more confident in sharing their faith.

‘Discipleship is evident throughout the whole course,’ explains Tim. ‘Living & Telling can help people discover a whole new adventure and sense of fun. Instead of it being something scary and off-putting, we turn the whole thing on its head. Living & Telling can help people do that. It really does encourage as well as equip Christians to look at discipleship and sharing our amazing news in a fresh way.’

Tim will lead a seminar on Living & Telling at CRE Midlands (3pm, Wed 5 Mar).

‘The exhibition is where we will chat with the very people for whom we made the course,’ said Tim.

• Agapé UK are on stand B13 at CRE Midlands 2020

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