Video channel challenges superficial fake of digisphere

Dave HallByDave Hall

Video channel challenges superficial fake of digisphere

A YouTube channel providing short, engaging and relevant content for young people has become increasingly significant in lockdown.

Intro Outro, from Youth for Christ, offers positive and encouraging videos and gives a platform to young people to own and share their faith. One episode, ‘How to handle anxiety’, has become one of the most watched segments on the channel.

‘A few years ago we did research on Generation Z to understand what was going on beneath the obvious rise in mobile and device use,’ said YFC’s Laura Hancock. ‘Lockdown has only increased this trend.

‘Our goal is to provide a safe space online for young people that stands out from just more content that feeds social pressures, the need to conform or comparison traps. Intro Outro reflects authenticity and challenges the superficial “fake” of the digisphere.’

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