Webinars prove lifeline for safeguarding trainees

Dave HallByDave Hall

Webinars prove lifeline for safeguarding trainees

Vulnerable people are still vulnerable during lockdown, so Thirtyone:eight harnessed digital technology to provide vital member training.

Like thousands of other organisations, the independent Christian safeguarding charity closed its head office and training centre in March and staff worked from home. Established for more than 40 years, the organisation works with thousands of member organisations to make sure safeguarding standards are upheld and protected. 

‘We usually hold more than 230 face-to-face training courses a year, with up to 40 delegates present at each,’ explained Thirtyone:eight’s Matt Cooper. ‘Because of the lockdown, face-to-face was no longer feasible.’

Their member organisations still needed access to vital training with many seeing an increase in volunteering. 

‘We started trialling webinars before Covid-19 but had to fast track these to meet new demand,’ explained Matt. ‘Adapting face-to-face into webinars was not easy with our trainers requiring a different skill set. We also had to overcome technology needs for our users.’

In spite of the difficulties Thirty-one:eight delivered more than 40 webinars between April and June.

‘We also had new business from clients for whom face-to-face did not meet their needs,’ said Matt. ‘We started small and worked up, trialling one course and adapting as we went on.’For more information click here.

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