Clothing at CRE

Photo of people on a clothing stand at CRE

Vestments have been an important part of worship for millennia and with more and more women now entering ordained ministry, designers are giving them a 21st century make-over, retaining the ceremony and solemnity of any church occasion while introducing fresh designs in dynamic colours.

CRE boasts a number of award-winning artists who specialise in garments for every occasion, bringing colour and beauty to creative worship in parish churches and great cathedrals, in chapels and mission halls throughout the land.

Most designers also supply a range of everyday wear for clergy of both genders. When women were first ordained into the Anglican church, they demanded more style in the kind of clothes they could wear around the parish. Male clergy have followed suit and clerical shirts now come in a much wider selection of fabrics.

At CRE, you have the opportunity to see what is on offer – and try it on for size and style!

Photos of clothing at CRE