Seminars are always a key ingredient at a Christian Resources Exhibition, so we are delighted to make them available online. Over 40 seminars, worship sessions and interviews are currently available to view free of charge on our YouTube channel – CRETV, in the following playlists:

Online Church

Dare to Stream 1: Oops, Our Church Grew Four-fold Overnight…
Dare to Stream 2: Streams of Living Water: Zoom, YouTube, or Facebook?
Dare to Stream 3: Can you Zoom in a Bit?
Dare to Stream 4: You Need to Unmute Yourself
Dare to Stream 5: Lights, Camera… I’m Sorry Did You Say Lighting?
Dare to Stream 6: The Future of Bricks With the New-found Clicks
Streaming: What You Need and What you Need to Know
Streaming in Churches: Lessons Learnt During Lockdown
Lessons We’ve Learned Through Lockdown

Church Management

Why on Earth do You Need HR?
Health and Safety in Churches
How Do You Keep Your Church Safe and Secure?
Church Lighting: The Process From Old to New
Fundraising for Capital Projects for Churches
Climate Change: How can Church Buildings be Best Adapted?
Using Office 365 to Help with Data Protection and GDPR

Christian Life

The Church and Mental Health
Best Practical and Spiritual Support for Dementia Caregivers
Learning from Missionaries before Paul
Things God has Planned for You in Advance
Seeking a Clearer Picture of Israel
Understanding God’s Love Letter to Us
50 Lessons in Ministry
Evangelism Made Easy for Every Christian – Honestly!
Science and Faith – Friends or Foes?
Exiles On Mission
Learning Contentment
Drugs and the Church
A Great Place to Grow Old
Retired but not Redundant


Worship with Dave Bilbrough
Why the Church Needs New Songs
Top Tips for Leading ‘Stripped Back’ Worship
Top 5 Tips for Connecting Online
Seven top tips for worship leaders
Lou and Nathan Fellingham: Worship for CRE at Home
CRE at Home Opening Ceremony

Youth and Childrens Ministry

Youthwork Beyond the Covid Era
Supporting Emotional Wellbeing in Children

Cindy’s Sofa Interviews

Sir Cliff Richard
Don Maclean
Bryn Haworth
Paul Jones and Fiona Hendley
Jonathan Veira
Paul Kerensa