Youth and children at CRE

Photo of youth group

Youth work is at a time of crisis for many churches, but help is at hand. Hosted by Youth for Christ, you will find specialist advice from a range of organisations at every CRE.

Recent research shows that one young person in six self identifies as a practising Christian. The statistics show that 13 per cent of 11 to 18-year-olds say they are regular churchgoers and more than one in five (21 per cent) describe themselves as active followers of Jesus.

The study, commissioned by the HOPE Revolution partnership and carried out by ComRes, suggests that a commitment to Christianity is much higher among young people than previously thought. Another study, Youth for Christ’s Gen Z: Rethinking Culture research, showed similar results, suggesting that a surprisingly high number of young people still describe themselves as Christian.

‘We are looking in depth at the results of our survey and are exploring what it means for local churches in their attempts to engage with current youth culture,’ said YFC’s Laura Hancock. ‘We are considering how best to take the good news of Jesus to a fresh generation of young people.’

Photos illustrating young people and children