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CRE visitors constantly tell us they come seeking resources for mission – but what exactly are they looking for and in what context?

It’s an issue scheduled for discussion at future exhibitions. As Global Connection’s Martin Lee explains: ‘Mission is no longer from here to there, but local and not just cross-cultural. In particular the evangelical church over the past 30 years has rediscovered social action, social justice and creation care. “Integral Mission”, the coming together of the false separation between word and action, seems to have won in our terminology.’

However, Martin goes on to ask whether overt proclamation of the Gospel has more or less dropped off the agenda.

It’s a debate we will return to. In the meantime, a range of missions are presented at CRE with a variety of programmes at local and global level, including:

World Vision
Send A Cow
Leprosy Mission
Embassy Bus
Feed the Hungry
Hope Now
Kisumu Children Trust
Church Army
Youth for Christ

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