‘Best preacher’ leads way in reaching Muslim world

ByDave Hall

‘Best preacher’ leads way in reaching Muslim world

Dr Michael Youssef (above) is doing more to reach the Islamic world today than any man on the planet.

A big claim – but one made by internationally-respected teacher and pastor RT Kendall.

Currently celebrating its 15th anniversary, Youssef’s The Kingdom Satchannel is reaching 22 countries in the Arabic-speaking world with coverage accessible in 260 million+ homes worldwide. One in every two listeners is Muslim.

‘We have 2000 enquiries per month!’ said Andrew Hawkins, UK/Europe director of CRE 24 exhibitor Leading the Way, whose field teams on the ground follow up seekers and disciple new believers.

‘Michael is the best preacher on TV today, I recommend him without reservation,’ continued Kendall. ‘I urge you to support this ministry.’

Navigator solar-powered pocket device

Some 200,000 of the organisation’s Navigator solar-powered pocket devices (above) have been distributed around the world, accessing countries where Bibles and missionaries cannot go. Containing the New Testament and 150 Bible teachings by Dr Youssef, they are available in 28 different languages. Some churches in the UK are using them to reach asylum seekers and refugees.

In 2023 Dr Youssef preached at evangelistic celebrations in Dublin and Belfast, by invitation of local churches. Many attendees made Christian commitments before, during and after the events. In April, Dr Youssef preached in Veracruz, Mexico and this month in Springfield Massachusetts, with discussions underway in Scotland for future events.

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