Go Chatter: Easter Lego project follows Christmas success

ByDave Hall

Go Chatter: Easter Lego project follows Christmas success

The company which brought fun into the Nativity story are about to release a special series of mini QR-coded videos giving a Lego treatment to the events of the first Easter.

Go Chatter Videos exhibited at CRE Midlands 23 in November. ‘We had lots of lovely feedback about the Nativity series from churches countrywide,’ said founder Dan Rackham.

‘The Entertainer toy shops displayed five posters in their stores, each using a QR code to highlight different aspects of the Christmas story.’

Shirley Ashworth, a leader of Mount Zion Church, Cliviger, near Burnley, Lancashire, said: ‘We got the posters at the Go Chatter Video stand at CRE in Solihull and used them in five different places around our village. Parents got as much pleasure out of them as their children! Two Lego Church sessions also attracted a large family attendance at our church.’

It was during his seven years as a volunteer evangelist in Toxteth, Liverpool, that Dan realised the value of videos in working with children – and the way Lego could be incorporated into the mix. Go Chatter Videos was the result.

The new posters will each display a part of the Easter story, using similar Lego characters to highlight a particular feature. The Easter material will be available here.

‘There are already a number of videos which churches can buy and download, highlighting different Bible stories including David and Goliath, Jonah, The Raising of Lazarus and the Easter Story,’ said Dan.

In September the company will launch a training course for 18 to 24-year-olds keen to learn how to create Lego stop-motion videos. The Go Chatter Videos material is one of the few ways to highlight the Bible using Lego as Lego’s creators have a policy against making religious sets. A 4,000-brick model of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris was produced recently, legitimised by the set’s architectural focus.

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Photo: One of five Nativity story QR code posters in a hairdressers’ window with the Nativity in Lego in the shop window

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