Arts Café at CRE National 2019

Rev Jonathan Woodhouse, CB

Tuesday 15 October

11am – CREd Talk
Church cafes and kitchens, with Allan Turpin, Nelson Catering

Why church cafes and kitchens need to comply.

11.15am – CREd Talk
Joseph and the three gifts, with Brian Sibley, DLT
Introducing Brian’s new book that helps us understand who Joseph was and how he might have felt about the part played in the greatest story ever told.

11.30am – Music with Eric Reverence
Enjoy cross-cultural Christian music that fuses pop, gospel and soft rock

12 noon – Seminar
Gift Aid simplified, with Daryl Martin, AFVS

Daryl Martin shows us how to claim and not miss out

1pm – CREd Talk
Digital and dynamic, with London School of Theology

How to make your church more effective in the digital world.

1.15pm – Music with Stuart Barbour
Acoustic blues guitar and songs with a story to tell

1.45pm – CREd Talk
Gopak: The next generation, with Bill Bates, GoPak

Try out the next generation of lightweight folding tables.

2pm – Seminar
Realise the potential of your building, with Paul Bulkeley, Snug Architects

How engaging the community in the creation of your buildings helps deliver your mission.

3pm – Music with Tremaine
Versatile vocal-pianist and songwriter with soulful tone.

3.30pm – CREd Talk
Resolving conflict, with Jonathan Woodhouse, Moorlands College

How to resolve conflict without creating chaos.

3.45pm – CREd Talk
Reaching Communities, with Alastair Welford, Nicodemus

How to create innovative projects that transform communities

Bean Baker

Wednesday 16 October

11am – CREd Talk
Pumpkin Heroes with Beverley Jarvis-Pearson and Patch the Pumpkin, World Vision

Meet Patch the Pumpkin who will help kids shine God’s light and love this Halloween.

11.15am – CREd Talk
Introducing the world’s first throwable microphone, with Stuart Graham, Clarity

How to engage audiences with a throwable microphone that will break the ice at your event.

11.30am – Music with Bean Baker
Featuring songs well-received across the UK from Bean’s latest EP, ‘Courageous’.

12 noon – Seminar
Ending Homelessness, with Peter Cunningham, Green Pastures

Pastor Peter Cunningham shows us how your church can be part of a growing campaign to end homelessness.

1pm – CREd Talk
Journey into pilgrimage, with Margaret Wyllie, Holy Socks

Discover the motivation behind Holy Socks, cast your eye on some original designs and recent arrivals – along with the odd Glory Golf Ball.

1.15pm – Music with Loulita Gill
Loulita is a singer-songwriter and worship leader sharing love, life and hope through music.

1.45pm – CREd Talk
Not wanted, dead or alive, with David Hilborn, Moorlands College

Is this the end result of euthanasia?

2pm – Seminar
Your church: From renting to ownership, with Mark Herbert and Kanika Thakur, Charity Bank

This seminar will help you consider if loans are the right option. Could you save money and gain an asset?

3pm – Music: Bean Baker and Loulita Gill
Loulita is a singer-songwriter and worship leader sharing love, life and hope through music. Bean will feature songs from his well-received EP, ‘Courageous’.

3.30pm – Seminar
Does mission matter today? with Andy Dipper, All Nations

Why our engagement in local and international communities needs hope, faith and good news.

Emily Feltham of Saltmine Theatre Company

Thursday 17 October

11am – CREd Talk
Introducing the Matthew 25 Challenge, with Justin Bloomfield and Crystal Rowe, World Vision

How to activate your church through World Vision’s new Matthew 25 Challenge.

11.15am – CREd Talk
Waverley Abbey (tbc)

11.30am – Music with Marilyn Baker
Enjoy some songs from one of the UK’s most-loved Gospel artists.

12 noon – Theatre
An extract from Chosen, with Saltmine Theatre Co.

Emily Feltham (pictured) of Saltmine Theatre Company performs an extract from Chosen, a play about the life of Mary Sumner, founder of the Mothers’ Union, and talks about Saltmine’s partnership with the Mothers’ Union for this production (Arts Café).

1pm – CREd Talk
Is evangelism good news? with Nigel Bolitho, Oak Hill College

Looking at sharing our faith as we should.

1.15pm Music with Christine Asamoah
Gospel songbird-like vocals reminiscent of a young Aretha Franklin and Whitney Houston.

1.45pm – CREd Talk
My life as a pulpit specialist, with Mike Groves, Procson

A brief history of Procson’s church products.

2pm – Theatre
Mary Magdalene, with Saltmine Theatre Co.

Duologue and monologue about Mary Magdalene.

3pm – Music with Daughters of Davis
An acoustic powerhouse of sisters with a message for this generation.

3.30pm – CREd Talk
Reaching Communities, with Alastair Welford, Nicodemus

Equip your church to inspire and mobilise the local community by meeting the needs of those people who are broken and marginalised.

3.45pm – CREd Talk
The school uniform that changed a life forever, with Suzanne Hodnett, Kisumu Children Trust

How making a difference in an ordinary way made an extraordinary change to lives in Kenya.