Worship Wednesday at CRE National 2019

Seeking new and effective worship resources is the main reason why people attend every CRE but we are diverse in our denominations and conflicted in our theology. So join us for Worship Wednesday (Oct 16) at CRE National 2019 as we come together to try and answer some big questions.

Session 1 – 11am
What on earth is worship?
Chris Bowater (pictured at top of page), singer/ songwriter and a father of the modern worship movement, will consider a definition to guide us in our corporate and personal worship. In an interview with worship leader and singer/songwriter Lou Fellingham (pictured above), we will get a glimpse of what it means to be a woman leader in a predominantly male-led world. Finally, Lou will open her heart and lead us in sung worship from her collection of beautiful, skilfully-penned songs.

Session 2 – 12 noon
Who on earth is worship for?
Together we will seek a brief and clear biblical view on the object and subject of our worship – making sure we keep ‘on target’ in this important aspect of the worshipper’s experience. Chris Bowater will then interview Carla Jane (pictured above), a recording artist, choir director and vocal coach from Manchester. They will be joined by former BBC Songs of Praise producer Roy Francis, author of the new book, How to Make Gospel Music Work for You. Carla will conduct a vocal session, involving the audience! Bring tissues for tears of laughter and in the joy, we will release the sound of our voices in praise to God.

Session 3 – 2pm
How on earth should we worship?
We’ve established the what and the who. Now how do we worship a God who is awesome in holiness yet accessible as father? After presenting these thoughts, Chris Bowater will interview Roger Jones (pictured above), composer of 23 musicals, choir director, preacher and winner of the prestigious Thomas Cranmer Award for Worship from the Archbishop of Canterbury. Roger will then turn us all into a ‘crash choir’, learning and performing a piece from one of his musicals. If you’ve never sung in a choir before, don’t miss this opportunity.

Session 4 – 3pm
Worship? Heaven help us!
How does Heaven prepare the Church for worship… in Heaven? After establishing this, Chris Bowater will interview our next special guest, singer/songwriter Noel Robinson (pictured above), about his journey of faithfulness, discipline, sacrifice and cost. Roy Francis will again join the discussion before Noel leads us in songs that will touch your heart and raise your spirit.

Throughout the day, the Worship Wednesday team will have resources to sell and sign. Please take time to chat with them, ask questions and generally ‘hang out!’ ‘Mine’s a black coffee, no sugar!’ said Chris Bowater.