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Talks Programme – download the complete guide to the CRE National 2022 Talks Programme

CRE National 2022
Sandown Park, Surrey
11-13 Oct

Choose from more than 70 sessions over three days, taking place in the main building for the first time. No prior booking necessary.

Sharon Lloyd

Let’s run a holiday club
It’s a staple of outreach but can be demanding. This session will inspire and equip you to run a holiday club – and help you think outside the box!
Lorraine Webb and Sharon Lloyd, URC
12pm, Tue 11 Oct

Rick Hillard

See, I am doing a new thing!
Discover why Gideons changed to Good News for Everyone and how this presents you and your church with exciting new possibilities for outreach.
Rick Hillard, Good News for Everyone
12pm, Tue 11 Oct

Keith Foster

Understanding contemporary chaplaincy
An introduction to Waverley Abbey’s new contemporary chaplaincy course, designed to equip those serving or looking to serve in a broad range of community or church-based settings.
Keith Foster, Waverley Abbey Trust
1.30pm, Tue 11 Oct

Sam Richards

Building an intergenerational ministry
Every church should be an intergenerational community of disciples. Dr Sam explores key principles and practical steps to enable all ages in your church worship, learn and serve together.
Dr Sam Richards, URC
2.30pm, Tue 11 Oct

Rebecca Denny

An introduction to trust and foundation fundraising
With local churches and Christian organisations able to raise funds from faith and secular funders, this session looks at how to achieve fundraising success in a challenging landscape.
Rebecca Denny, The Charity Spark
2pm, Wed 12 Oct

Sarah Brighton

Writing a church drug policy
Your church has legal responsibilities regarding drugs. This practical workshop considers key components of a drug policy and how you can begin to write your own.
Sarah Brighton, Hope UK
2.30pm, Wed 12 Oct

Mike Genung

How to engage with those hurting from porn and adultery
Surveys show that more than two in every three UK Christian men view pornography. Mike Genung offers effective answers for men, wives and churches.
Mike Genung, Blazing Grace
1.30pm, Tue 11, Wed 12 and Thu 13 Oct

Andrew Sibley

Church and climate change: a message of hope
Discover how to take a balanced approach between the needs of human communities and the environment and the complex issues of poverty and public health – with Christian stewardship as a central focus.
Andrew Sibley, Creation Ministries international
12pm, Wed 12 Oct

David Saint

Fundraising for major local church projects
Planning a project costing thousands or even millions of pounds? Presented each day at CRE National 2022, you will find this session packed with useful information and practical advice.
David Saint, Action Planning
11am, Tue 11, Wed 12 and Thu 13 Oct

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