Worship: back to biblical basics

Dave HallByDave Hall

Worship: back to biblical basics

The pandemic has forced us to take worship back to basics but it needn’t be any less powerful.

That’s Lucy Grimble’s message in her CRE At Home 2020 seminar – Top tips for leading a stripped-back worship session.

‘During lockdown I’ve just played keyboards and sung,’ she explains. ‘It’s been a big adjustment as I’m used to playing with a band and making a big sound. Suddenly we’ve been forced to make it simple. But I’ve found these to be some of the most powerful times of worship.’

She points to many biblical precedents for stripped-back worship in the Bible: David playing his harp on the hills around Jerusalem, Paul and Silas in prison, the disciples in the upper room.

‘These times of worship were heartfelt and intimate but also powerful and world-changing,’ she explains.

Based in London, Lucy has been playing since she was four years old and started out in classical music, learning four instruments and taking part in orchestras and choirs. As a teenager she started writing her own songs on the guitar, heavily influenced by soul and R&B music and ‘has been writing songs ever since!’ 

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