The Bible: cool on the curriculum

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The Bible: cool on the curriculum

Bible stories bursting into life at a touch on the iPad – that’s what visitors can expect to see at next week’s CRE 2017.

‘A shift is vital in the way children and young people are taught,’ said Museum of the Bible’s Mark Markiewicz. ‘At a time when most two-year-olds can access information on smart phones and tablets, we need to totally re-think our methods of communication. I am delighted that Museum of the Bible is playing a significant part in re-shaping religious education in the 21st Century – and you can find out how at CRE 2017.’

Harnessing the latest technology, and developed especially by Museum of the Bible, visitors will see biblical stories dynamically presented as never before.

‘Using Augmented Reality, brings the text book pages to life,’ said Julia Diamond-Conway of fellow exhibitor RE Today Services. ‘Level upon level of hidden information can be investigated by the student. Augmented Reality allows such a deep exploration of words and pictures and the investment in these new resources contributes towards putting RE at the forefront of innovative teaching methods.’

Julia will also lead a seminar at CRE – Religious Education and Technology (3pm, Tue 17 Oct).

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