Blessed assurance: Laurie’s campaign for good financial stewardship


Blessed assurance: Laurie’s campaign for good financial stewardship

No widow ever thinks her husband was over-insured!

That’s the view of Laurie Mellor, who recently presented a cheque for £395,000 to a widow on the unexpected death of her 51-year-old husband.

‘Nobody ever wakes up one morning and thinks, “It’s such a nice day I’ll take out some life assurance”. Generally, it needs an adviser to explain the benefits of what is essentially an altruistic act,’ he explains. ‘Whilst no amount of money can ever compensate for the loss of a loved one, the money enabled the lady in question to pay off her mortgage. She then invested the balance to produce a monthly income, making her secure for life.’

Laurie is founder of independent financial advisers The Mellor Practice, exhibitors at CRE 2017. Though he has had more than 30 years’ experience in insurance, a death claim reminds him of the value of his role.

‘I recognise that not all Christians are comfortable with the notion of life assurance,’ he reflects. ‘Sometimes it is right to “just trust the Lord”. However, if we have the means to pay the premiums, good stewardship may well dictate that we make provision via a suitable life policy.’

Laurie also has two books to his name: The Sick Rose: England’s Spiritual Crisis (2010) and Sales Success in Tough Times: How to Thrive, Not Just Survive (2003).

And going back even further, some will also remember him as bass player in 1980’s evangelistic band, Rev Counta and the Speedoze!

The Mellor Practice are on Stand S50 at CRE2017

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