Cut the clutter! Put it on an app


Cut the clutter! Put it on an app

Mobile apps can simplify church communications and help you reach and engage new members.

So says James Dickson, founder of CRE exhibitor Piota (Put it on the App), makers of high quality, affordable mobile apps for churches, schools, charities and local community organisations.

‘Keeping your congregation engaged and in touch is not easy,’ said James, who worked in finance for 20 years before setting up Piota. ‘They want to hear from you but their inboxes are crowded. Add to that a young adult demographic that doesn’t do email, a website which broadcasts information but can’t personalise it and ever-decreasing attention spans. Even the most inspiring or urgent material goes unread.’

If you are struggling to cover everyone through a mix of emails, texts, Facebook feeds and website announcements, you already know the problem!

‘You need a high-quality mobile app versatile enough to double up as both a messaging centre and information hub for your congregation, volunteers and wider church family,’ contends James.

‘Our church app, which we will demonstrate at CRE, is your one-stop shop. It speeds up communications in rich formats, directly to everyone with the app or specific sub-groups. It’s a quick reference source with immediate access to everything people need to know, from meeting timings to last week’s sermon, to how to donate. It is affordable and should even pay for itself in cost and time savings.’

* Piota will be on stand S57 at CRE2017

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