‘Faster Pastor’ Paul roars off to glory

ByDave Hall

‘Faster Pastor’ Paul roars off to glory

An inspiring entrepreneur, full of life and zeal – that’s how Marian, wife of the late Rev Paul Sinclair described him at his funeral in May.

Founder of Motorcycle Funerals, and known as the Faster Pastor and Revving Rev, Paul holds the Guinness world record for the fastest speed on a motorcycle hearse – 126mph at Elvington Airfield in York in 2013. He also had the loudest laugh of any exhibitor at CRE.

‘It was amazing to watch him serve the public,’ said Marian, who will be on the Motorcycle Funerals stand at CRE National 2019. ‘He never tired or got bored. He wasn’t perfect but he certainly looked after his staff and was a brilliant boss. He was friends with people from all walks of life and his funeral reflected that.’

Passionate about the Bible, Paul preached at various United Reformed churches in Birmingham and around Leicestershire. He also spoke in schools, encouraging children to be entrepreneurs whatever their age. 

He once told The Guardian: ‘I don’t want anyone to say I was nice, or that I was a good man. 
People always say that at funerals and it is never the truth. I want it to be said: “This guy was a dirty sinner and he didn’t deserve to go to heaven – but God saved him”’.

‘Paul enjoyed nothing more than to crack jokes and puns, often at his own expense, as he introduced his hearses to our bemused visitors,’ said Steve Goddard, owner of CRE, recalling the time Paul put his tandem hearse up for sale at an exhibition in Exeter – because he wasn’t fit enough to ride it.

‘I’m a biker, not a cyclist,’ Paul told the local TV news. ‘It’s seen some lovely funerals but I’m always wrecked afterwards. I even have to ask if the cemetery is at the top or bottom of a hill!’

‘We will really miss Paul at CRE,’ said Steve, ‘but we are delighted Marian is carrying on the business and hope that many thousands of visitors will make a point of discovering Motorcycle Funerals at Sandown Park.’

• Motorcycle Funerals are on stand S33 at CRE National 2019

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Caption: Marian Sinclair (left) with Rev Pal Sinclair (centre) and the tandem hearse

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