Fresh option for communion beyond Covid

ByDave Hall

Fresh option for communion beyond Covid

A Liverpool company is helping churches administer communion in a way that helps prevent the spread of Covid-19.

The elements are delivered in a small pre-filled communion cup containing a double seal. Peeling off the first seal reveals an altar wafer. A second seal reveals non-alcoholic grape juice.

Suhail, director of Miracle Meal in the UK, is already dealing with regular orders.

‘Churches have found our product useful during the pandemic,’ he said. ‘Many delivered the communion elements individually to members in advance, to be used during services broadcast online. Some ordered their own packages so they could take part in similar services.’

Communion beyond Covid

Once churches were able to meet in public again, with members suitably seated according to safety regulations, Miracle Meal supplies, which come in packs of 21, 100, 250, or 500, or 1,000, proved advantageous once more. 

‘The double-sealed containers mean it is simple to provide more with no wastage,’ explained Suhail. ‘And nothing needs washing up and cleansing afterwards.’

The vision for Miracle Meal belongs to Dominic and Alidia Symes in South Africa. The couple were on holiday in Singapore when they learnt that Dominic’s father had been diagnosed with cancer. Turning to God for support, the church in which they were worshipping used the communion service as an integral part of prayer for healing. It proved such a blessing that on their return to South Africa the couple spent two years researching how to encourage more to take communion. Miracle Meal finally came to fruition with companies set up in South Africa, America, Canada and the UK.

‘Our heart is to supply the communion cup to every Christian on this planet at a fair price,’ explained Dominic. ‘God has given our team the strength, courage and wisdom to take this product global. Please never stop praying for our team and remember Psalm 34:8: “Taste and see that the lord is good.’”

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