The Bible: getting above the hubbub

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The Bible: getting above the hubbub

It’s been dubbed the era of ‘fake news’ butEvangelical Christians have always believed the Bible stands above the media noise.

‘It is the revelation from God and the handbook of Christianity,’ said Brian Edwards, author of Nothing but the Truth (Day One). ‘If we want to know what we believe and how we should live, it is to the Bible we must turn.’

Today, we are confronted with a plethora of challenges that Christians must respond to – moral, social and theological. But is the Bible sufficient? Are there principles within it to guide us? How can we effectively understand it today? And, above all, can it be trusted as the reliable revelation of God in every part? Among much else, Nothing but the Truth reasserts the reliability and relevance of the Bible for Christians in the 21st Century.

A valued aid for all who take the Bible seriously in their personal life or teaching, answering many questions that people ask about the Bible such as:

  •  What is its main theme?
  •  Does it claim to be God’s word?
  •  Who wrote the books and when? 
  •  Are there contradictions?
  •  Is the Bible all we need?
  •  How to understand and enjoy the Bible

With more than 700 pages, including a full index and references to sources, plus charts and a Bible reading plan, Nothing but the Truth, published by CRE exhibitor Day One, is written in accessible language and style, assuming no pre-knowledge. It provides a significant starting point for Bible teachers, students, pastors and church members

Nothing but the Truth probes deeply into the nature of the Bible, considering and answering a full range of criticisms. Brian writes in a manner that will benefit the newest Christian. I hope his work receives the widest possible readership,’ said Dr Robert Letham, Professor of Systematic and Historical Theology, Union School of Theology, Wales.

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• Day One will be exhibiting at CRE South West 2021 (17-18 Mar) and CRE National 2021 (Sandown Park, Esher, Surrey, 12-14 Oct)

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