Itching to be switching? Andrew gives your church the power

Dave HallByDave Hall

Itching to be switching? Andrew gives your church the power

It is still complicated for churches to change energy suppliers and save money – so it makes sense to use the services of someone who can look after the complicated paperwork.

Andrew Silley is an award-winning energy broker – the first independent consultant to win at the prestigious TELCA Energy Awards 2019. For more than 10 years he has been on a mission to bring Christian values to a market that is more complex than you might imagine with trust, transparency, integrity, honesty and understanding watchwords of his service.  

A popular exhibitor at CRE, the former church warden has built up a wealth of knowledge about the various energy companies and how to switch from one to another.

‘Householders can change quite easily now,’ he said, ‘but it is more complicated for churches. Church volunteers often have other jobs and do not have enough time to understand the problems of switching accounts and take the easy way out, leaving things as they are. But with my experience I can make the switch easier, look after the complicated paperwork, and save them money in the process. It also leaves them more time to attend to Kingdom matters.’

The impact Andrew’s had on clients is significant. One inner London vicar said: ‘Andrew has become a good friend to our church and has always gone the extra mile. We are deeply grateful for his expert service.’

The name might be Silley but Andrew’s business is certainly not. And placing your energy supply contracts through Andrew will help support The Message, an organisation passionate about sharing the love of Jesus to some of the poorest and hardest to reach in our communities. 

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• Andrew Silley will be exhibiting at CRE South West 2021 (Westpoint, Exeter, 17-18 Mar) and CRE National 2021 (Sandown Park, Esher, Surrey, 12-14 Oct)

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