Make the most of that mask!

Dave HallByDave Hall

Make the most of that mask!

One Scottish woman is determined to make the ubiquitous facemask a positive talking point.

‘I want it to be an opportunity to share our faith in a fun way,’ said Margaret Wyllie who launched CRE exhibitor Holy Socks 20 years ago. ‘It’s a new addition to our range and one we wish wasn’t required. However, in these Covid days, it seemed a good idea to introduce some biblical masks and team them with our socks. Who knows, they might start a conversation. If you have the socks on your feet, you can show them off, too!

‘We’ve started with our Jonah design and hope to introduce more in the coming weeks.’

Masks are sold singly with the same A4 story leaflet giving the reason behind the design. They are also available with a pair of Jonah and the Whale holy socks, accompanied by an A3 story leaflet. 

‘Jonah and the Whale was one of our first sock designs when we started the company,’ recalled Margaret. ‘Holy Socks were born partly out of a desire to have a quiet, non-threatening way of opening a conversation about the Christian faith. Covid makes that conversation urgent now. I hope the Jonah masks do as good a job as the socks have done over the years.’

The masks are in two colours, hot pink and grey version and have a 93.6% particle filtration efficiency (PFE) rating protects against particles and viruses. Both are 2-ply, reusable and washable.  

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• Holy Socks will be exhibiting at CRE National 2021 (Sandown Park, Esher, Surrey, 12-14 Oct)

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