Marguerite revs up for Sandown debut

Dave HallByDave Hall

Marguerite revs up for Sandown debut

A ‘Mecca’ for artists and those who love creative thinking on cards, posters and mugs – that’s the thinking behind CRE 2018 exhibitor Marguerite’s Dreams.

Artistic block, however, caused by years of teaching design and technology, almost stopped founder Marguerite Slater from any creative endeavour. The turning point came when she attended a course based on The Artist Way, a book by Julia Cameron, where she discovered other people liked her designs. Later, a work colleague told her she should be doing more – and promptly helped her set up a website.

Now Marguerite is bringing her own range of colourful, sometimes quirky designs to CRE 2018 – inspired by the Bible and creation. She has made a full-time job out of something she not only loves, but in which she is very proficient. One of her first designs – Ask Seek Knock – begins with a keyhole through which nothing is visible and then blossoms into a wonderful view of creative glory.

‘After many years of feeling blocked, it expresses how free I felt,’ she said. ‘I want people to wonder what is on the other side of the door – and how to get through. This is how I feel about so many things, including art, and the people I meet. I enjoy seeing God open up opportunities or exposing things I have missed with my own eyes.’

Working with watercolour and mixed media, Marguerite is now seeing her work sold in art shops and other retail establishments. Best of all, it not only expresses her faith but gives pleasure to those who buy it. And now you can see it all for yourself at Sandown Park in October.

Marguerite’s Dreams is on stand S27 at CRE 2018

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