No need to leave song-writing to the professionals

Dave HallByDave Hall

No need to leave song-writing to the professionals

You don’t need leave it to the ‘professionals’ – writing new songs for your church can have a profound impact on local believers.

So says Krissy Nordhoff, of, in her CRE At Home 2020 seminar ‘Why the church needs new songs and 10 characteristics of the worship song’.

‘I want to encourage those who feel they have a song burning away inside them,’ said Krissy, a professional songwriter and author. ‘The Bible encourages us to “sing unto the Lord a new song” so it is in God’s heart to want new songs. They bring fresh praise to God and fresh revelation to his people. Sometimes the Lord gives us a new insight into how to express our songs in a new way.

‘When you write songs that are specifically for your church, you can use words that matter to the people there. They can also bring a prophetic viewpoint to help the congregation in a time of celebration, sadness – and can bring healing and joy.’

The seminar challenges not only the worship leaders in a local church but members of the congregation who love singing and are looking for a way to use a different gift to bless the church.

Krissy developed her love of writing from the age of five when she wrote her first song. She has developed into a writer of many well-loved songs, including Your Great NameMercy TreeFamous For (I Believe), and hundreds more. She’s also a song-writing mentor to hundreds in her Writing Worship and Brave Worship communities.

Click here to watch Krissy’s seminar.

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